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    • Relaxation between electrons and surface phonons of a homogeneously photoexcited metal film

      Navinder Singh

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      The energy relaxation between the hot degenerate electrons of a homogeneously photoexcited metal film and the surface phonons (phonon wave vectors in two dimensions) is considered under Debye approximation. The state of electrons and phonons is described by equilibrium Fermi and Bose functions with different temperatures. Two cases for electron scattering by the metal surface, namely specular and diffuse scattering, are considered.

    • Relaxation of femtosecond photoexcited electrons in a polar indirect band-gap semiconductor nanoparticle

      Navinder Singh

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      A model calculation is given for the energy relaxation of a non-equilibrium distribution of hot electrons (holes) prepared in the conduction (valence) band of a polar indirect band-gap semiconductor, which has been subjected to homogeneous photoexcitation by a femtosecond laser pulse. The model assumes that the pulsed photoexcitation creates two distinct but spatially interpenetrating electron and hole non-equilibrium subsystems that initially relax non-radiatively through the electron (hole)-phonon processes towards the conduction (valence) band minimum (maximum), and finally radiatively through the phonon-assisted electron-hole recombination across the band-gap, which is a relatively slow process. This leads to an accumulation of electrons (holes) at the conduction (valence) band minimum (maximum). The resulting peaking of the carrier density and the entire evolution of the hot electron (hole) distribution has been calculated. The latter may be time resolved by a pump-probe study. The model is particularly applicable to a divided (nanometric) polar indirect band-gap semiconductor with a low carrier concentration and strong electron-phonon coupling, where the usual two-temperature model [1-4] may not be appropriate.

    • Energy fluctuations in a biharmonically driven nonlinear system

      Navinder Singh Sourabh Lahiri A M Jayannavar

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      We study the fluctuations of work done and dissipated heat of a Brownian particle in a symmetric double well system. The system is driven by two periodic input signals that rock the potential simultaneously. Confinement in one preferred well can be achieved by modulating the relative phase between the drives. We show that in the presence of pumping the stochastic resonance signal is enhanced when analysed in terms of the average work done on the system per cycle. This is in contrast with the case when pumping is achieved by applying an external static bias, which degrades resonance. We analyse the nature of work and heat fluctuations and show that the steady state fluctuation theorem holds in this system.

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