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    • Magnetic and electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of nematic liquid crystals

      N V Madhusudana S Chandrasekhar

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      A theory is developed of the anomalous magnetic and electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of nematic liquid crystals taking into account orientational correlations between neighbouring molecules. Use is made of a modification of Bethe’s method due to Krieger and James, and the properties of the system are derived in terms of a single parameter, viz., the two-particle interaction constant. The expressions for the magnetic and electric birefringence are similar in form to those given by the phenomenological model of de Gennes. Theoretical curves forp-azoxyanisole reproduce the trends in the observed data. A calculation of the nematic-isotropic transition point confirms that this treatment is an improvement over the mean field approximation in describing pre-transition phenomena in the isotropic phase.

    • Short range orientational order in nematic liquid crystals

      N V Madhusudana K L Savithramma S Chandrasekhar

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      The different approximations that have been used in applying Bethe’s cluster model to the nematic-isotropic phase transition are examined. It is shown that the introduction of a higher order term in the mean field potential of an outer molecule of the cluster improves the consistency of the theory considerably. In particular, the importance of satisfying Chang’s relation is emphasized. Calculations are presented of the long and short range order parameters, heat of transition and specific heat for different values ofz, the number of nearest neighbours around any given molecule, for both nonpolar and antiparallel near neighbour correlations. Even the new mean field potential appears to be inadequate forz=3.

    • Equivalence of the Krieger-James approximation and the constant-coupling approximation in magnetism

      K L Savithramma N V Madhusudana

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      We have applied the Krieger-James approximation to a description of short range order effects in both ferro- and antiferromagnetism. In this method, a mechanical consistency condition is imposed on the probability distribution of a pair of near neighbours in a cluster of (Z+1) ions. The resulting theory is analytically equivalent to the familiar constant coupling approximation, thus ensuring thermodynamic equilibrium of the system.

    • Flexoelectric origin of oblique rolls with helical flow in electroconvective nematics under DC excitation

      V A Raghunathan N V Madhusudana

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      We present a 3-dimensional, linear analysis of electrohydrodynamic (EHD) roll instability in a nematic liquid crystal under DC excitation. It is shown that the flexoelectric effect leads to a new symmetry of the flow pattern, viz. ahelical flow inoblique rolls. Our experimental observations agree with the theoretical predictions.

    • Preface

      N V Madhusudana

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