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    • High pressure investigations on amorphous selenium

      N V Chandra Shekar M Yousuf P Ch Sahu M Mahendran K Govinda Rajan

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      We report the diamond anvil cell (DAC) high pressure powder X-ray diffraction studies on amorphous selenium (a-Se) under truly hydrostatic pressure condition up to 20 GPa. Amorphous selenium exhibits a sharp and irreversible transition to a hexagonal structure at 10.6 ± 0.1 GPa. It is also known that metallization occurs in a-Se around this pressure. Some plausible arguments are provided to suggest that the amorphous to crystalline transition may be driven by metallization.

    • Pressure induced phase transition behaviour in f-electron based dialuminides

      P CH Sahu N V Chandra Shekar

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      The rare-earth and actinide based compounds are endowed with several exotic physical and chemical properties due to the presence of f-electrons. These properties exhibit interesting changes under the action of various thermodynamic fields and hence continues to be a subject of extensive research. For instance, under pressure, the nature of f-electrons can be changed from localized to itinerant, leading to a variety of changes in their structural, physical and chemical properties. The present review on the high pressure phase transition behaviour of dialuminides of rare earths and actinides is an outcome of research in our laboratory during the last five years using a unique combination of a Guinier diffractometer and a diamond anvil cell built in-house. To bring out the correlations between the compressibility and structural behaviour with the electronic structure, we have also carried out electronic structure calculation. Further, the usefulness of Villars’ three parameter structure maps in predicting pressure induced structural transitions has been explored and this has been illustrated with the available phase transition data.

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