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    • The deuterium effect on electrochemiluminescence efficiencies of anthracene and phenanthrene

      N Periasamy K S V Santhanam

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      The effect of deuteration on the electrochemiluminescence (ECL) efficiencies of the mixed systems containing anthracene or phenathrene has been examined using the single light pulse in the double potential programme. Deuteration of anthracene or phenanthrene decreases the ECL efficiencies by factors of 1·2–16·0. This decrease appears to arise from the quenching of the triplets by radical ions in solution. The quenching factors are estimated by using Marcus theory of electron transfer reactions.

    • Triboluminescence, a new tool to investigate fracture-initiation time of crystals under stress

      B P Chandra N Periasamy J N Das

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      The present paper reports that triboluminescence (TBL) does not appear at the instant of impact of the load but a certain time lag is required for its appearance which depends on the value of the stress applied to the crystal. Since TBL appears in sugar crystals during the creation of new surfaces, the fracture-initiation time of the crystal has been taken to be the delay time in observing TBL pulse after the application of stress. The dependence of fracture-initiation time,tfσ, of crystals on the stress, σ, may be expressed astfσ=to exp (− ασ), whereto and α are constants. The values of the lattice energy, and the change in lattice energy per unit stress, of sugar crystals have been calculated from TBL measurements and they have been found to be 21·2 kcal mole−1 and 0·41 × 10−8 kcal mole−1 dyne−1 cm2 respectively.

    • Two-photon excitation spectrum of benzonitrile vapour

      N Periasamy S Doraiswamy

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      The two-photon excitation spectrum of benzonitrile in the gas phase at about 1 torr has been recorded and analysed in the total energy region of 36300 to 40500 cm−1 using both linearly and circularly polarised light from a Nd-YAG pumped dye laser. The two-photon spectrum consists of strong Franck Condon (fc) transitions bearing a good resemblance to the one-photon spectrum and also vibronic coupling (vc) transitions essentially arising out of the analogue of the benzeneν14. By a comparative study of thetp spectra of various other monosubstituted benzenes, it has been inferred that the strongtp spectrum of benzonitrile should be ascribed to a considerableπ charge delocalization over the phenyl and nitrile groups.

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