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    • Effect of transverse static magnetic field on stimulated brillouin scattering of electromagnetic wave

      S Guha N Apte

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      Stimulated Brillouin scattering of a plane polarised electromagnetic wave propagating perpendicular to a static magnetic field has been investigated analytically in ann-type piezoelectric semiconductor-plasma. Using coupled mode theory the dispersion relation is obtained and the threshold value of the amplitude of electromagnetic wave for the onset of instability is studied for both the forward and back-scattered modes. The role of the magnetostatic field on the threshold conditions for the unstable mode has been discussed.

    • Stimulated raman scattering from plasma modes in magnetoactive semiconductors

      S Guha N Apte

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      Stimulated scattering off electron plasma mode is investigated analytically for the case when the pump wave is an intense circularly polarised electromagnetic wave propagating parallel to a homogeneous dc magnetic field in an isotropic semiconductor-plasma. The threshold electric field of the pump necessary for the stimulated Raman scattering and the growth rate of the parametrically unstable mode have been obtained for two cases (i)B0=0 and (ii) B0 ≠ 0. It is seen that the magnetic field does not significantly affect the threshold electric field as well as the growth rate provided the cyclotron frequency is small compared to the frequency of the pump wave. The threshold conditions are also found to be insensitive to the electron thermal velocity.

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