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    • Effect of different donors and a polymer environment on photophysical and energy transfer studies using C540 as the acceptor

      N Sesha Bamini A Ramalingam V S Gowri

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      The dyes (C450, C480 and C540) and their dye mixtures (C450:C540 and C480:C540) were doped in polymer matrices (solid). Their photophysical studies were recorded. These results were analysed by comparing them with the data of the dyes and the dye mixtures in monomer compositions (liquid). The absorption and fluorescence spectral profiles of the dyes in the polymer matrix were found to be identical to those in the monomer compositions. The effect of different donors on the energy transfer technique using C540 as acceptor, in polymer matrix and monomer compositions, was studied in detail. The results obtained for the energy transfer technique in two binary dye mixtures containing different donors but same acceptor, in solid and liquid media, were intercompared. The gain of the acceptor without donor and with different donors was determined experimentally. The gain coefficient in the polymer matrix (solid) was less than that in the monomer medium (liquid). Also, the gain of the acceptor C540 was found to be more when C450 was used as the donor compared to that when C480 was used as the donor. Using nitrogen laser, the photobleaching effect in the two binary dye-doped polymer rods (with different donors but same acceptor) was studied. It was observed that photobleaching of the acceptor C540 in the presence of C450 as donor is slower than that in the presence of C480 as donor.

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