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    • The corrections to scaling within Mazenko's theory in the limit of low and high dimensions

      N P Rapapa M Fabiane

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      We consider corrections to scaling within an approximate theory developed by Mazenko for nonconserved order parameter in the limit of low $(d \rightarrow 1)$ and high $(d \rightarrow \infty)$ dimensions. The corrections to scaling considered here follows from the departures of the initial condition from the scaling morphology. Including corrections to scaling, the equal time correlation function has the form: $C(r, t) = f_{0} (r/L) + L^{−\omega} f_{1} (r/L) + \cdots$, where 𝐿 is a characteristic length scale (i.e. domain size). The correction-to-scaling exponent ω and the correction-to-scaling functions $f_{1}(x)$ are calculated for both low and high dimensions. In both dimensions the value of ω is found to be ω = 4 similar to 1D Glauber model and OJK theory (the theory developed by Ohta, Jasnow and Kawasaki).

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