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    • Lattice location of dopant atoms: An 𝑁-body model calculation

      N K Deepak

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      The channelling and scattering yields of 1 MeV 𝛼-particles in the $\langle 1 0 0 \rangle$, $\langle 1 1 0 \rangle and $\langle 1 1 1 \rangle$ directions of silicon implanted with bismuth and ytterbium have been simulated using 𝑁-body model. The close encounter yield from dopant atoms in silicon is determined from the flux density, using the Bontemps and Fontenille method. All previous works reported in literature so far have been done with computer programmes using a statistical analytical expression or by a binary collision model or a continuum model. These results at the best gave only the transverse displacement of the lattice site from the concerned channelling direction. Here we applied the superior 𝑁-body model to study the yield from bismuth in silicon. The finding that bismuth atom occupies a position close to the silicon substitutional site is new. The transverse displacement of the suggested lattice site from the channelling direction is consistent with the experimental results. The above model is also applied to determine the location of ytterbium in silicon. The present values show good agreement with the experimental results.

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