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    • Hadron production near threshold

      B K Jain N G Kelkar K P Khemchandani

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      Final state interaction effects inpp→ pΛK+ andpd3Heη reactions are explored near threshold to study the sensitivity of the cross-sections to thepΛ potential and theηN scattering matrix. The final state scattering wave functions between Λ andp andη and3He are described rigorously. The Λ production is described by the exchange of one pion and aK-meson between two protons in the incident channel. Theη production is described by a two-step model, where in the first step a pion is produced. This pion then produces anη by interacting with another nucleon

    • Resonances inη-light nucleus systems

      K P Khemchandani N G Kelkar M Nowakowski B K Jain

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      We locate resonances inη-light nucleus elastic scattering using the time delay method. We solve few-body equations within the finite rank approximation in order to calculate the t-matrices and hence the time delay for theη-3He andη-4He systems. We find a resonance very close to the threshold inη-3He elastic scattering, at about 0.5 MeV above threshold with a width of ∼2 MeV. The calculations also hint at the presence of sub-threshold states in both the cases

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