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    • Brane-world cosmology and inflation

      Misao Sasaki

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      There has been substantial progress in brane-world cosmology in recent years. Much attention has been particularly paid to the second Randall-Sundrum (RS2) scenario in which a single positive-tension brane is embedded in a five-dimensional space-time, called the bulk, with a negative cosmological constant. This brane-world scenario is quite attractive because of the non-trivial geometry in the bulk and because it successfully gives four-dimensional general relativity in the low energy limit. After reviewing basic features of the RS2 scenario, we consider a brane-world inflation model driven by the dynamics of a scalar field living in the five-dimensional bulk, the so-called bulk inflaton model. An intriguing feature of this model is that the projection of the bulk inflaton on the brane behaves just like an ordinary inflaton in four dimensions in the low energy regime,H2l2 « 1, whereH is the Hubble expansion rate of the brane andl is the curvature radius of the bulk. We then discuss the cosmological perturbation on superhorizon scales in this model. We find that, even under the presence of spatial inhomogeneities, the model is indistinguishable from the standard four-dimensional inflation toO(H2l2). That is, the difference may appear only atO(H14l4).

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