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    • Vibrationally elastice — H2O scattering at intermediate energies

      K N Joshipura Minaxi Vinodkumar P M Patel

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      Vibrationally elastic total cross-sections ofe—H2O scattering are calculated at intermediate energiesEi=10–300 eV. The interaction potentials are treated in spherical models. The dipole rotational excitation, which is significant but not dominant above 10 eV, is treated incoherently. Effects of electronic excitation-ionization, significant above 30 eV or so, are considered through a complex optical potential. A dynamically distorted charge-density is employed to calculate the imaginary part of the complex potential. Comparisons are made with recent theoretical and experimental data. The mutual agreement is better in total cross-sections than in differential cross-sections.

    • Cross sections and other parameters ofe − H2O scattering (Ei⩾50 eV)

      K N Joshipura Minaxi Vinodkumar

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      Our previous theoretical work one − H2O scattering has been modified and extended to intermediate and high energiesEi. Using the Bethe plot, we compare the present inelastic cross-sections with the experimental ionization cross sections. Total cross-sections are analytically represented asQTOT(cm2)=a.(EieV)−b and the parameters ‘a’ and ‘b’ are discussed for molecules H2O, NH3 and CH4 in the rangeEi=100–1000eV.

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