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    • Sturm–Schrödinger equations: Formula for metric

      Miloslav Znojil Hendrik B Geyer

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      Sturm–Schrödinger equations $H\psi = EW\psi$ with $H \neq H^{\dagger}$ and $W \neq W^{\dagger} \neq I$ are considered, with a weak point of the theory lying in the purely numerical matrix- inversion form of the double-series definition of the necessary metric operator 𝛩 in the physical Hilbert space of states [M Znojil, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 41, 215304 (2008)]. This shortcoming is removed here via an amended, single-series definition of 𝛩.

    • Supersymmetric quantum mechanics living on topologically non-trivial Riemann surfaces

      Miloslav Znojil Vít Jakubský

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      Supersymmetric quantum mechanics is constructed in a new non-Hermitian representation. Firstly, the map between the partner operators $H^{ (\pm)}$ is chosen antilinear. Secondly, both these components of a super-Hamiltonian $\mathcal{H}$ are defined along certain topologically non-trivial complex curves $r^{ (\pm)} (x)$ which spread over several Riemann sheets of the wave function. The non-uniqueness of our choice of the map $\mathcal{T}$ between `tobogganic' partner curves $r^{ (+)} (x)$ and r^{ (−)} (x)$ is emphasized.

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