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    • Thermoelastic properties of minerals at high temperature

      Sanjay Upadhyay Hem Chandra Meenakashi Joshi Deepika P Joshi

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      The knowledge of elasticity of the minerals is useful for interpreting the structure and composition of the lower mantle and also in seismic studies. The purpose of the present study is to discuss a simple and straightforward method for evaluating thermoelastic properties of minerals at high temperatures. We have extended the Kumar’s formulation by taking into the account the concept of anharmonicity in minerals above the Debye temperature ($\theta_D$). In our present study, we have investigated the thermophysical properties of two minerals (pyrope-rich garnet and MgAl2O4) under high temperatures and calculated the second-order elastic constant ($C_{ij}$) and bulk modulus ($K_T$) of the above minerals, in two cases first by taking Anderson–Gruneisen parameter ($\delta_T$) as temperature-independent and then by treating $\delta_T$ as temperature-dependent parameter. The results obtained when $\delta_T$ is temperature-dependent are in close agreement with experimental data.

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