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    • Study of ΛΛ dynamics and ground state structure of low and medium mass double Λ hypernuclei

      MD Abdul Khan Tapan Kumar Das

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      We critically review the ΛΛ dynamics by examining Λ - Λ and Λ-nucleon phenomenological potentials in the study of the bound state properties of double-Λ hypernuclei ΛΛ6He, ΛΛ10Be, ΛΛ14C, ΛΛ18O, ΛΛ22Ne, ΛΛ26Mg, ΛΛ30Si, ΛΛ34S, ΛΛ38Ar, ΛΛ42Ca, ΛΛ46Ti, ΛΛ50Cr, ΛΛ54Fe, ΛΛ58Ni, ΛΛ62Zn, ΛΛ66Ge, ΛΛ70Se, ΛΛ74Kr, ΛΛ78Sr, ΛΛ82Zr, ΛΛ86Mo, ΛΛ90Ru, ΛΛ94Pd, ΛΛ98Cd, ΛΛ102Sn in the frame work of (core+Λ+Λ) three body model. An effective ΛN potential is obtained by folding the phenomenological ΛN potential into the density distribution of the core nuclei. The former two cases (i.e. ΛΛ6He and ΛΛ10Be) are revisited to justify the correctness of the present potential model. Assuming the same potential model we predicted some of the structural properties of heavier doubly Λ-hypernuclei. The hyperspherical harmonics expansion method, which is an essentially exact method has been employed for the three body system. A convergence in binding energy up to 0.15% for Kmax=20 has been achieved. In our calculation we have made no approximation in restricting the allowed l-values of the interacting pairs.

    • Investigation of halo structure of 6He by hyperspherical three-body method

      Md Abdul Khan Tapan Kumar Das

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      Hyperspherical harmonics expansion method is applied to a three-body model of two neutron halo nuclei. Convergence of the expansion has been ensured. A repulsive part is introduced in the interaction between the core and the extra-core neutron, to simulate Pauli principle. Two neutron separation energy, r.m.s. radii, correlation factor and probability density distributions have been calculated for 6He. It is found that the convergence of the two neutron separation energy is relatively slow, while other quantities reach convergence quickly.

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