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    • Two-way quantum communication: Generalization of secure quantum information exchange to quantum network

      Maurya Ajay K Mishra Manoj K Prakash Hari

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      The idea of secure quantum information exchange (SQIE) [{\it J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.} 44, 115504 (2011)] is introduced for the secure exchange of single qubit information states between two legitimate users, Alice and Bob. In the present paper, we extend this original SQIE protocol by presenting a scheme, which enables the secure exchange of n-single qubit information states among the n nodes of a quantum network, with the aid of a special kind of 4$n$-qubit entangled state and the classical assistance of an extra participant Charlie. For experimental realization of our extended SQIE protocol, we suggest an efficient scheme for the generation of a special kind of 4n-qubit entangled state using the interaction between highly detuned $\Lambda$-type three-level atoms and optical coherent field. Further, by discussing the various experimental parameters, we show that the special kind 4$n$-qubit entangled state can be generated with the presently available technology.

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