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    • Evolution of holographic dark energy with interaction term $Q \propto H\rho_{\rm de}$ and generalized second law

      Praseetha P Mathew Titus K

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      A flat FLRW Universe with dark matter and dark energy, which are interacting witheach other, is considered. The dark energy is represented by the holographic dark energy model and the interaction term is taken as proportional to the dark energy density. We have studied the cosmological evolution and analysed the validity of the generalized second law of thermodynamics (GSL) under thermal equilibrium conditions and non-equilibrium conditions. We have found thatthe GSL is completely valid at the apparent horizon but violated at the event horizon under thermal equilibrium condition. Under thermal non-equilibrium condition, for the GSL to be valid, we found out that the temperature of the dark energy must be greater than the temperature of the apparent horizon if the dark energy behaves as a quintessence fluid.

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