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    • Phenomenological implications of 𝐷3/𝐷7 (reversed) 𝜇-split-like supersymmetry scenario

      Mansi Dhuria

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      A phenomenological model is presented which can be obtained as a local Swiss-Cheese Calabi–Yau string-theoretic compactification with a mobile 𝐷3- and fluxed stacks of wrapped 𝐷7-branes. It provides a natural realization of (reversed) 𝜇-split-like supersymmetry wherein the squarks, sleptons, gauginos, higgsino and one of the Higgs doublets are very heavy while with some fine tuning, it is possible to obtain another light Higgs of mass 125 GeV. We discuss the role of the heavy quarks/sleptons and the light Higgs in

      obtaining long-lived gluinos (a natural consequence of split SUSY),

      verifying that the NLSP decays to the gravitino LSP respects the BBN constraints with the lifetime of the LSP (gravitino) coming out to be of the order or larger than the age of the Universe,

      getting gravitino relic abundance of around 0.1 and

      obtaining electronic EDM close to the experimental upper bounds.

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