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    • Superconducting state parameters of metallic glass Mg70Zn30 using linearized screened pseudopotential

      Manish Gupta K S Sharma L Dass

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      A linearized form for the screened form factors of electron-phonon interaction in the metallic glass Mg70Zn30 is applied for the first time to predict the superconducting state parameters viz. electron-phonon coupling strength (λ), Coulomb pseudopotential (μ*), transition temperature (Tc), isotope effect exponent (α) and the interaction strength (N0V). Computed results agree with the experimental data available in the literature.

    • Pressure dependence of the superconducting state parameters of metallic glass superconductor Mg70Zn30

      Manish Gupta KS Sharma Lachhman Dass

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      Explicit expressions have been derived for the volume dependence of electron-phonon coupling strength (λ) and the Coulomb pseudopotential (μ*) considering the variation of Fermi momentum (κF) and Debye temperature (θD) with volume. Ashcroft’s model pseudopotential and RPA form of dielectric screening have been used for obtaining pressure dependence of transition temperature (TC) and the logarithmic volume derivative (Φ) of the effective interaction strength (N0V) for metallic glass superconductor Mg70Zn30. It has been observed that TC of the metallic glass Mg70Zn30 decreases rapidly with increase of pressure and the superconducting phase disappears at about 30% decrease of volume, for which the μ* curve shows a minimum and an elbow is formed in the Φ graph.

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