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    • Under what kind of parametric fluctuations is spatiotemporal regularity the most robust?

      Manish Dev Shrimali Swarup Poria Sudeshna Sinha

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      It was observed that the spatiotemporal chaos in lattices of coupled chaotic maps was suppressed to a spatiotemporal fixed point when some fractions of the regular coupling connections were replaced by random links. Here we investigate the effects of different kinds of parametric fluctuations on the robustness of this spatiotemporal fixed point regime. In particular we study the spatiotemporal dynamics of the network with noisy interaction parameters, namely fluctuating fraction of random links and fluctuating coupling strengths. We consider three types of fluctuations: (i) noisy in time, but homogeneous in space; (ii) noisy in space, but fixed in time; (iii) noisy in both space and time. We find that the effect of different kinds of parametric noise on the dynamics is quite distinct: quenched spatial fluctuations are the most detrimental to spatiotemporal regularity; patiotemporal fluctuations yield phenomena similar to that observed when parameters are held constant at the mean value, and interestingly, spatiotemporal regularity is most robust under spatially uniform temporal fluctuations, which in fact yields a larger fixed point range than that obtained under constant mean-value parameters.

    • Synchronization of indirectly coupled Lorenz oscillators: An experimental study

      Amit Sharma Manish Dev Shrimali

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      The dynamics of indirectly coupled Lorenz circuits is investigated experimentally. The in-phase and anti-phase synchronization of indirectly coupled chaotic oscillators reported in Phys. Rev. E 81, 046216 (2010) is verified by physical experiments with electronic circuits. Two chaotic systems coupled through a common dynamic environment shows the verity of synchronization behaviours such as anti-phase synchronization, in-phase synchronization, identical synchronization, anti-synchronization, etc.

    • Suppression of oscillations in mean-field diffusion

      Neeraj Kumar Kamal Pooja Rani Sharma Manish Dev Shrimali

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      We study the role of mean-field diffusive coupling on suppression of oscillations for systems of limit cycle oscillators. We show that this coupling scheme not only induces amplitude death (AD) but also oscillation death (OD) in coupled identical systems. The suppression of oscillations in the parameter space crucially depends on the value of mean-field diffusion parameter. It is also found that the transition from oscillatory solutions to OD in conjugate coupling case is different from the case when the coupling is through similar variable. We rationalize our study using linear stability analysis.

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