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    • Effect of macromolecular crowding on the rate of diffusion-limited enzymatic reaction

      Manish Agrawal S B Santra Rajat Anand Rajaram Swaminathan

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      The cytoplasm of a living cell is crowded with several macromolecules of different shapes and sizes. Molecular diffusion in such a medium becomes anomalous due to the presence of macromolecules and diffusivity is expected to decrease with increase in macromolecular crowding. Moreover, many cellular processes are dependent on molecular diffusion in the cell cytosol. The enzymatic reaction rate has been shown to be affected by the presence of such macromolecules. A simple numerical model is proposed here based on percolation and diffusion in disordered systems to study the effect of macromolecular crowding on the enzymatic reaction rates. The model qualitatively explains some of the experimental observations.

    • Coupled chaotic attractors and driving-induced bistability: A brief review

      Manish Agrawal

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      We investigate the effects of symmetry-preserving and symmetry-breaking interactions n a drive–response system with the driving-induced bistability. The basins of attraction on the initial conditions plane are observed for the driving-induced bistability. The basins are dependent on the interaction between the driven and the driving system. The coexisting attractors display both in-phase as well as antiphase synchrony.

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