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    • Head-on collision of dust-ion-acoustic solitons in electron-dust-ion quantum plasmas

      Prasanta Chatterjee Malay Kumar Ghorui Rajkumar Roychoudhury

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      In this paper, we study the head-on collision between two dust-ion-acoustic (DIA) solitons in quantum electron-dust-ion plasma. Using the extended Poincaré–Lighthill–Kuo (PLK) method, we obtain the Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equations, the phase shifts and the trajectories after the head-on collision of the two DIA solitons. We investigate the effect of quantum diffraction parameters for electrons and ions $(H_{e}, H_{i})$, the Fermi temperature ratio $(\sigma)$ and the dust charged number density $(n_{\text{d0}})$ on the phase shifts. Different values of $\mu = z_{\text{d0}}(n_{\text{d0}}/n_{\text{i0}})$ and $\mu_{\text{d}} = z_{\text{d0}}(m_{\text{i}}/m_{\text{d}})$ are taken to discuss the effects on phase shifts, where $z_{\text{d0}}$ denotes the dust charge number, $n_{\text{j0}}$represents the equilibrium number density and $m_{j}$ is the mass of the jth species ($j = e, i , d$ for electrons, ions and dust particles, respectively). It is observed that the phase shifts are significantly affected by the plasma parameters.

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