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    • Berry phases in the three-level atoms driven by quantized light fields

      Mai-Lin Liang Zong-Cheng Xu Bing Yuan

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      A theoretical analysis of Berry's phases is given for the three-level atoms interacting with external one-mode and two-mode quantized light fields. Three main results are obtained: (i) There is a Berry phase which vanishes in the classical limit or this Berry phase is completely induced by the field quantization; (ii) Berry's phases for the one-mode field and the two-mode field can be equal so long as the photon numbers of the two-mode field are properly chosen; (iii) In the two-mode case, Berry phases of the atom interacting with one mode is affected by the other mode even if the photon number of the other mode is zero.

    • Quantum-classical correspondence of the Dirac equation with a scalar-like potential

      Mai-Lin Liang Shun-Lin Shu Bing Yuan

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      Quantum matrix elements of the coordinate, momentum and the velocity operator for a spin-1/2 particle moving in a scalar-like potential are calculated. In the large quantum number limit, these matrix elements give classical quantities for a relativistic system with a position-dependent mass. Meanwhile, the Klein–Gordon equation for the spin-0 particle is discussed too. Though the Heisenberg equations for both the spin-0 and spin-1/2 particles are unlike the classical equations of motion, they go to the classical equations in the classical limit.

    • The entanglement evolution between two entangled atoms

      Zong-Cheng Xu Mai-Lin Liang Ya-Ting Zhang Jian-Quan Yao

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      The entanglement properties of two entangled atoms interacting with the field under intensity-dependent coupling are studied in detail. It is found that the degree of entanglement between the two atoms changes periodically and undergoes the entanglement sudden death (ESD) and sudden birth at some time. The entanglement properties between the field and the atom insidethe cavity are dependent on the photon number. Most interestingly, the entanglement between the field and the atom in the field is influenced significantly by manipulating the atom outside the field.

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