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    • Radiochemical studies on fission of actinides

      M V Ramaniah

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      Since its discovery in 1939, nuclear fission has been extensively studied by various experimental as well as theoretical groups in several countries leading to an understanding of major aspects of this important and complex nuclear reaction. In Trombay, studies have been carried out in the last 25 years using both physical and radiochemical methods and significant contributions have been made towards a better understanding of this reaction. This paper presents highlights of radiochemical studies on fission of actinides, particularly mass, kinetic energy and charge distribution and fragment angular momentum. Results of these studies brought out the important role played by deformation energy surface, spherical and deformed nuclear shells and nucleon pairing.

    • Correlation between fractional independent yields and neutron-to-proton ratio of fission products in low energy fission

      A Goswami B K Srivastava Alok Srivastava S B Manohar Satya Prakash M V Ramaniah

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      Fractional independent yields of fission products in the thermal neutron-induced fission of233U,235U,239Pu,241Pu and in the spontaneous fission of252Cf have been correlated with the neutron-to-proton ratio of the fission products. The yields of the products from a fissioning system, when plotted as a function of neutron-to-proton (N/Z) ratio of fission preducts, fall on two Gaussian distribution corresponding to light and heavy fission products. The centroids of the distribution or the most probable value of neutron-to-proton ratio is found to be very close to theN/Z of the fissioning nucleus. From the most probable value ofN/Z the various parameters of charge distribution e.g. most probable massAp, most probable chargeZp, the mass dispersionσAand the charge dispersionσZhave been obtained and are in good agreement with the experimental values ofApandZp.

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