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    • Dislocations and their spatial configuration in amethyst crystals

      M S Joshi M A Ittyachen P N Kotru

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      Etch patterns produced on habit rhombohedral faces and rhombohedral cleavages of amethyst crystals are described and illustrated. Fidelity of etchants used is assessed. Also described are paired pits produced on match cleavages etched with the same or different etchants. By prolonged etching experiments it is established that the dislocations penetrate into the body of the crystal. Spatial distribution of dislocation in the body of the crystal is worked out. Uniformly spaced etch pits in an array observed on match cleavages (etched with different etchants) are attributed to low-angle tilt boundaries.

    • Microtopographical studies of prism faces of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals

      M S Joshi A V Antony

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      Surface structures on prism faces of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals grown from aqueous solutions and also by gel method are described and illustrated. Density of growth centres increases as the supersaturation of the mother liquor is increased. Gel grown crystals predominantly show rectangular growth hillocks on their prism faces. In the needle shaped crystals further nucleation extends predominantly along theC axis than at right angles to it. Influence of misoriented guest microcrystals on the growth of the prism faces is described.

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