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    • The dirac-schwinger covariance condition in classical field theory

      K Babu Joseph M Sabir

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      A straightforward derivation of the Dirac-Schwinger covariance condition is given within the framework of classical field theory. The crucial role of the energy continuity equation in the derivation is pointed out. The origin of higher order derivatives of delta function is traced to the presence of higher order derivatives of canonical coordinates and momenta in the energy density functional.

    • A bag model study ofD mesons

      K Babu Joseph M Sabir M N Sreedharan Nair

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      An investigation of the newly discovered charmed mesonsD 0 andD +, particularly their non-leptonic decay modes, is carried out in the framework of the MIT bag model. The amplitude for a number of two-body final state decays are explicitly evaluated and compared with other available estimates.

    • Path integral analysis of harmonic oscillators with time-dependent mass

      M Sabir S Rajagopalan

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      Two cases of forced harmonic oscillators with time dependent mass for which exact propagators can be evaluated are presented. From the exact propagators, normalized solutions of the corresponding Schrödinger equations are arrived at. Time-dependent invariants are also found.

    • Transition from order to chaos in SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs system

      M P Joy M Sabir

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      Time-dependent spherically symmetricSU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs system is shown to be chaotic near the ’t Hooft-Polyakov monopole solution by calculating the maximal Lyapunov exponents. A phase transition like behaviour from order to chaos is observed as a parameter depending on the self interaction constant of scalar fields increases.

    • Chaos and curvature in a quartic Hamiltonian system

      M P Joy M Sabir

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      Chaotic behaviour of a quartic oscillator system given byH l/2(p12+p22)+ (1/12)(1 -α) (q14+q24)+1/2q12q22 is studied. Though the Riemannian curvature is positive the system is nonintegrable except when S/B α = 0. Calculation of maximal Lyapunov exponents indicates a direct correlation between chaos and negative curvature of the potential boundary.

    • Modified function projective combination synchronization of hyperchaotic systems


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      In this work, a novel combination synchronization scheme in which synchronization of a new combination hyperchaotic drive system formed by combining state variables of the original drive system with appropriate scaling factors with a response hyperchaotic system is considered. A self-combination system is constructed from hyperchaotic Lorenz system by combining state variables of the Lorenz system with appropriate scaling factors. Modified function projective synchronization between the newly constructed combination hyperchaotic Lorenz system and hyperchaotic Lu system is investigated using adaptive method. By Lyapunov stability theory, the adaptive control law and the parameter update law are derived to make the state of two systems as modified function projective synchronized. Numerical simulations are done to show the validity and effectiveness of the proposed synchronization scheme.

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