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    • Isospin violations in largePT pion inclusive processes in perturbative quantum chromodynamics

      H S Mani M Noman M Rafat R Ramachandran

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      We investigate the asymmetries arising due to electromagnetic interactions in largePT pion inclusive processes. The hardqcd processes that contribute to such asymmetries areq+gq+γ,q+qg+γ etc. which are suspected to be substantial, as indicated by theqcd predictions for a significant and increasingγ/πo ratio at largePT. We calculate the expected isospin related asymmetries and propose tests that might detect them. Our estimates indicate that the effects are much smaller than may be naively expected. We also observe a remarkable scaling of asymmetries in the variablePT/(s)1/2.

    • Probing proton spin structure through hadronic reactions

      M Rafat R Ramachandran

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      Inclusive and semi-inclusive photon producing polarized proton reactions have been employed to probe the spin structure of the proton. Combinations of cross-sections are suggested which may measure valence quarks polarization and gluon polarization in the proton separately. The general formalism is used to predict numerical results using a model of spin structure based on Altarelli-Parisi equations.

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