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    • Bound-state energy of double magic number plus one nucleon nuclei with relativistic mean-field approach


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      In this work, we have obtained energy levels and charge radius for the $\beta$-stability line nucleus, in relativistic shell model. In this model, we considered a close shell for each nucleus containing double magicnumber and a single nucleon energy level. Here we have taken $^{41}$Ca with a single neutron in the $^{40}$Ca core as an illustrative example. Then we have selected the Eckart plus Hulthen potentials for interaction between the coreand the single nucleon. By using parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov (PNU) method, we have calculated the energy values and wave function. Finally, we have calculated the charge radius for 17O, $^{41}$Ca, $^{49}$Ca and $^{57}$Ni. Our results are in agreement with experimental values and hence this model can be applied for similar nuclei.

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