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    • Photoionization of the ground1Se and twenty lowest excited states of the Ne-like Fe16+

      M Mohan M Le Dourneuf Vinod Prasad A Kumar

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      TheR-matrix method is used to calculate cross-sections for the photoionization of Ne-like Fe16+ from ground 2s22p61Se and excited states belonging to 2s2p6 3l and 2s22p5 3l configurations. Configuration interaction wavefunctions are used to represent two target states of Fe17+ ion retained in theR-matrix expansion. The cross-sections are obtained as a function of kinetic energy (εk) of the ejected electron from 10 to 24 Ry. For low kinetic energy the cross-sections show series of Rydberg states which converge onto2Se threshold Fe17+. The calculations are carried out in the LS coupling.

    • Electron impact excitation of Ni XIX using theR-matrix method

      Man Mohan M Le Dourneuf A Hibbert V M Burke

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      Collision strengths for all the transitions between the 15 lowest states of neon-like Ni XIX have been calculated for electron impact in the 80–140 Ry energy range. Configuration-interaction wavefunctions have been used to represent the target states. The standardR-matrix code has been used to calculate the lower scattering partial waves (L≤9), while a no-exchange version of the same code has been used to compute efficiently the higher partial waves (L≥10). Effective collision strengths for 105 excitation transitions between the ground state 2s22p61Se and the 142s22p53l Rydberg states are tabulated for electron temperatures in the range logT=5.40 to logT=7.00, withT expressed in °K.

    • Photoionization of Al IV (neon-type) from its ground 2s22p61Se and excited 2s22p53p3,1P03Se states using the R-matrix method

      Man Mohan M Le Dourneuf A Hibbert PG Burke

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      The R-matrix method is used to calculate the total photoionization cross-sections from the ground 2s22p61Se and the first three excited 2s22p53p3,1Se states of Al IV, for photon energies ranging from the first ionization threshold to just above the second threshold of the residual ion Al V. The two lowest LS terms of Al V − 2s22p52P0, 2s2p62Se, 2s2p62Se, represented by sophisticated configuration interaction wavefunctions, are included in the R-matrix calculation. The resulting cross-sections are affected by Rydberg series of resonances converging to the 2s2p62Se excited threshold.

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