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    • Electron-sodium elastic scattering in the presence of strong non-resonant laser field

      M K Youssef M K Srivastava

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      The elastic differential cross-section forē-Na scattering in the presence of non-resonant laser field is studied for the exchange of=0, 1, 2 photons. The undressed contribution is evaluated within the framework of the eikonal Born series approximation and the effect of exchange is taken into account via the Ochkur approximation. The sodium atom has been treated in the frozen core approximation with special attention to the effect of the dressing of the target by the laser field. The ‘dressing’ of the target leads to quite an increase in the cross-section over the ‘undressed’ value near the forward direction for the exchange of one or two photons.

    • Influence of the laser field polarization on the electron impact ionization of hydrogen

      M K Youssef M K Srivastava

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      The triple differential cross-sections for the ionization of hydrogen by electron impact in the presence of a laser field have been calculated in the coplanar asymmetric geometry by using the first Born approximation and the symmetric geometry by using the Coulomb-Born approximation at an incident electron energy of 250 eV. The variation of the triple differential cross-sections, for fixed values of the angles of scattering and ejection, is studied as a function of the linear polarization of the laser field. The changes are quite amenable to experimental investigation.

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