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    • Yields of evaporation residues and average angular momentum in heavy ion induced fusion reactions leading to compound nucleus96Ru

      M Dasgupta A Navin Y K Agarwal C V K Baba H C Jain M L Jhingan A Roy

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      Cross-sections for production of evaporation residues from the compound nucleus96Ru* formed by fusion reactions28Si+68Zn,32S+64Ni,37Cl+59Co and45Sc+51V have been obtained from the yields of their characteristicγ-rays. The measurements span an excitation energy range of 55 MeV to 70 MeV of the compound nucleus. The evaporation residue (ER) cross-sections have been analysed in terms of statistical model for the decay of the compound nucleus. A good agreement is found between statistical model calculation and the experimental evaporation residue cross-sections in all the four cases. It is shown that the average angular momentum$$\bar \ell $$ of the compound nucleus can be deduced from a comparison of the experimentally measured and the statistical model predictions for the ER cross-sections. The validity of this method of deriving$$\bar \ell $$ has been discussed for the case of16O+154Sm system.

    • Exploiting barrier distributions to investigate breakup effects in the fusion of 9Be+208Pb

      M Dasgupta D J Hinde R D Butt A C Berriman C R Morton J O Newton K Hagino

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      The availability of precisely measured fusion excitation functions have allowed the determination of experimental fusion barrier distributions. This concept is utilised in 9Be+208Pb reaction, to reliably predict the expected complete fusion cross-sections. However, the measured cross-sections are found to be only 68% of those predicted. The large cross-sections observed for incomplete fusion products support the interpretation that this suppression of fusion is caused by 9Be breaking up into charged fragments before reaching the fusion barrier.

    • Fusion around the barrier for 7Li+12C

      A Mukherjee M Dasgupta DJ Hinde CR Morton AC Berriman RD Butt JO Newton H Timmers

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      Fusion cross-sections for the 7Li + 12C reaction have been measured at energies above the Coulomb barrier by the direct detection of evaporation residues. The heavy evaporation residues with energies below 3 MeV could not be separated out from the α-particles in the spectrum and hence their contribution was estimated using statistical model calculations. The present work indicates that suppression of fusion cross-sections due to the breakup of 7Li may not be significant for 7Li + 12C reaction at energies around the barrier.

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