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    • Spin-glass, antiferromagnetism and kondo behavior in Ce2Au1−xCoxSi3 alloys

      Subham Majumdar EV Sampathkumaran St Berger M Della Mea H Michor E Bauer M Brando J Hemberger A Loidl

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      Recently, the solid solution Ce2Au1−xCoxSi3 has been shown to exhibit many magnetic anomalies associated with the competition between magnetic ordering and the Kondo effect. Here we report high pressure electrical resistivity of Ce2AuSi3, ac susceptibility (X) and magnetoresistance of various alloys of this solid solution in order to gain better knowledge of the magnetism of these alloys. High pressure resistivity behavior is consistent with the proposal that Ce2AuSi3 lies at the left-hand side of the maximum in Doniach’s magnetic phase diagram. The ac X data reveal that there are in fact two magnetic transitions, one at 2 K and the other at 3 K for this compound, both of which are spin-glass-like. However, as the Co concentration is increased, antiferromagnetism is stabilized for intermediate compositions before attaining non-magnetism for the Co end member.

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