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    • Nested multilevel entanglement in Matryoshka states


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      In this paper, the concept of nested multilevel entanglement is studied and formulated in terms of Matryoshka states. The generation of Matryoshka quantum resource states, which contain nested entanglement patterns, based on an anisotropic XY spin–spin interaction-based model has been proposed. Other classes of nested entanglement, such as in Matryoshka generalised GHZ states and Matryoshka Q-GHZ states, are studied. Generation, characterisation and application of a genuinely entangled seven-qubit resource state close to being a Matryoshka Q-GHZ states is explored, with theoretical schemes for quantum teleportation of arbitrary one-, two- and three-qubits states, bidirectional teleportation of arbitrary two-qubit states and probabilistic circular controlled teleportation proposed for the state. Fractal network protocols, surface codes and graph states as well as generation of arbitrary entangled states at remote locations are also discussed, to highlight the importance of this class of quantum states.

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