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    • Effects of the particle spin polarisation on the unstable modes in the anisotropic dense system


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      Polarisation of the particle spin can be an important problem for different plasmas. In this article, the contribution of the electron spin on the growth rate of the temperature anisotropy of electromagnetic instabilities has been investigated. Results show that polarisation of the electron spin will restrict the instability growth rate while instability can survive due to the spin-depolarised electrons even when the requested temperature anisotropy is vanished. Instability can reach the damping state exponentially due to the spin-polarised electrons while it can grow linearly due to the spin-depolarised (the semi-classical) electrons.

    • Investigation of optimal energy deposition of the aluminium ion beam in pre-compressed DT fuel


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      Fast ignition (FI) by the laser-accelerated ion beams is an advanced possible remedy to produce high energy in inertial confinement fusion. Low-divergence high-power beams can now be produced due to new technological advances in laser–plasma accelerators. Using the Deira-4 simulation code, conditions optimal for the ignition of deuterium–tritium (D-T) pellets by the aluminium heavy ion beam were investigated in this work. The results show that an aluminium ignitor beam with 1.4 GeV energy can provide hot-spot optimal ignition conditions.

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