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    • Double folding model analysis of elastic scattering of halo nucleus 11Be from 64Zn

      M Hemalatha

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      Calculations of elastic scattering cross-sections for 9,10,11Be+64Zn at near-Coulomb barrier energy have been performed using a potential obtained from the double folding model and are compared with the experiment. In the framework of the double folding model, the nuclear matter densities of 9,10,11Be projectiles and a 64Zn target are folded with the complex energydependent effective M3Y interaction. The angular distributions of the differential cross-section for 9,10Be scattering from 64Zn at $E_{c.m.} \approx$24.5 MeV agree remarkably well with the data, while in case of 11Be, calculations show a Coulomb–nuclear interference peak which is not observed in the data.

    • Nuclear transmutation strategies for management of long-lived fission products

      S Kailas M Hemalatha A Saxena

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      Management of long-lived nuclear waste produced in a reactor is essential for long-term sustenance of nuclear energy programme. A number of strategies are being explored for the effective transmutation of long-lived nuclear waste in general, and long-lived fission products (LLFP), in particular. Some of the options available for the transmutation of LLFP are discussed.

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