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    • Two-particle momentum correlations in jets produced in $e^+ e^−$ annihilation at $\sqrt{s} = 60$ GeV

      M E Zomorrodian F Khorramabadi A Sepehri P Eslami

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      The goal of this analysis is to measure the two-particle momentum correlation in jets, in the reaction $e^+e^− \to $ hadrons, to study its dependence on jet energy, and compare the results with analytical predictions of the next-to-leading log approximation (NLLA), using data collected by the AMY detector at a centre of mass energy of 60 GeV. Results are obtained for charged particles and for events with $E_{c.m.} = 60$ GeV.

    • Coupling constant in dispersive model

      R Saleh-Moghaddam M E Zomorrodian

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      The average of the moments for event shapes in $e^{+} e^{-} \rightarrow$ hadrons within the context of next-to-leading order (NLO) perturbative QCD prediction in dispersive model is studied. Moments used in this article are $\langle 1 - T \rangle, \langle \rho \rangle, \langle B_{T} \rangle$ and $\langle B_{W} \rangle$. We extract $\alpha_{s}$, the coupling constant in perturbative theory and α0 in the non-perturbative theory using the dispersive model. By fitting the experimental data, the values of $\alpha_{s} (M_{Z^{\circ}}) = 0.1171 \pm 0.00229$ and $\alpha_{0} (\mu_{I} = 2{\text{GeV}}) = 0.5068 \pm 0.0440$ are found. Our results are consistent with the above model. Our results are also consistent with those obtained from other experiments at different energies. All these features are explained in this paper.

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