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    • Angular anisotropy and dichroism in molecular Auger spectroscopy following photo-absorption

      M Chakraborty

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      This paper shows that angular distribution of spin-unresolved Auger electrons emitted in the decay of a vacancy created by the absorption of a photon in a certain class of free, unpolarized and gaseous non-linear molecules is completely characterized by three, rather than by two well-known parameters. The presence of this additional third parameter gives rise to circular dichroic effect which varies as cosine of the angle made by the departing Auger electron with the direction of incidence of the circularly polarized radiation. Linear dichroic effect varies as the square of sine of the angle made by the direction of emission of Auger electron and the polar axis of the space frame. Linear and circular dichroism in the angular correlation between theE1 photoelectron and Auger electron emitted sequentially from a molecule belonging to one of the 32 point groups has also been investigated.

    • Variation of plasma parameters in a modified mode of plasma production in a double plasma device

      A Phukan M K Mishra B K Saikia M Chakraborty

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      A modified mode of plasma production in a double plasma device is presented and plasma parameters are controlled in this configuration. Here plasma is produced by applying a discharge voltage between the hot filaments in the source (cathode) and the target magnetic cage (anode) of the device. In this configuration, the hot electron emitting filaments are present only in the source and the magnetic cage of this is kept at a negative bias such that due to the repulsion of the cage bias, the primary electrons can go to the grounded target and produce plasma there. The plasma parameters can be controlled by varying the voltages applied to the source magnetic cage and the separation grid of the device.

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