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    • A new algorithm for anisotropic solutions

      M Chaisi S D Maharaj

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      We establish a new algorithm that generates a new solution to the Einstein field equations, with an anisotropic matter distribution, from a seed isotropic solution. The new solution is expressed in terms of integrals of an isotropic gravitational potential; and the integration can be completed exactly for particular isotropic seed metrics. A good feature of our approach is that the anisotropic solutions necessarily have an isotropic limit. We find two examples of anisotropic solutions which generalise the isothermal sphere and the Schwarzschild interior sphere. Both examples are expressed in closed form involving elementary functions only.

    • Anisotropic static solutions in modelling highly compact bodies

      M Chaisi S D Maharaj

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      Einstein field equations for static anisotropic spheres are solved and exact interior solutions obtained. This paper extends earlier treatments to include anisotropic models which accommodate a wider variety of physically viable energy densities. Two classes of solutions are possible. The first class contains the limiting caseμ,∝ r-2 for the energy density which arises in many astrophysical applications. In the second class the singularity at the centre of the star is not present in the energy density.

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