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    • A study on electrodeposited NixFe1−x alloy films

      M Bedir O F Bakkaloğlu I H Karahan M Öztaş

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      NixFe1−x (0.22 ≤x ≤ 0.62) alloy films were grown by electrodeposition technique. A shift in diffraction peaks of NiFe and Ni3Fe was detected with increasing Ni content. The highest positive magnetoresistance ratio was detected as 5% in Ni0.51Fe0.49. Positive and negative anisotropic magnetoresistance were observed in longitudinal and transverse geometries respectively. The highest anisotropic magnetoresistance ratio of 9.8% was also detected in Ni0.51Fe0.49. The angular variation of magnetoresistance was studied. Magnetisation loop curves show that NiFe alloy films have a linear decreasing anisotropy constant with increasing Ni deposit content and show a decreasing behavior of coercivity which indicates soft magnetic property with increasing Ni deposit content

    • Giant magnetoresistance of electrodeposited Cu–Co–Ni alloy films

      İ H Karahan Ö F Bakkaloğlu M Bedir

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      Electrodeposition of CuCoNi alloys was performed in an acid–citrate medium. Nickel density parameter was varied in order to analyse its influence on the magnetoresistance. The structure and giant magneto- resistance (GMR) effect of CuCoNi alloys have been investigated. The maximum value for GMR ratio, at room temperature is 1% at a field of 12 kOe, and at 20 K is $2.1$% at a field of 8.5 kOe for 3.1 Ni. The MR ratio of Cu$_{100−y−x}$Co$_{y}$Ni$_{x}$ alloys first increases and then decreases monotonically with increasing Ni content. The GMR and its dependence on magnetic field and temperature were discussed.

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