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    • A phenomenological study of a charge-symmetry-breaking component in λN interaction

      M Z Rahman Khan Nasra Neelofer M A Suhail

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      Here, we make an indirect phenomenological study of the possible presence of a CSB component in the λN interaction in medium and heavy hypernuclei using a semi-empirical formula for the difference in the ground stateBλ of hypernuclear isobars. We find that light hypernuclei are better suited than heavier hypernuclei for such information.

    • Relativistic analysis of nuclear ground state densities at 135 to 200 MeV

      M A Suhail N Neelofer Z A Khan

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      A relativistic analysis of p +40Ca elastic scattering with different nuclear ground state target densities at 135 to 200 MeV is presented in this paper. It is found that the IGO densities are more consistent in reproducing the data over the energy range considered here. The reproduction of spin-rotation-function data with the simultaneous fitting of differential cross-section and analyzing power, and the appearance of wine-bottle-bottom shaped Re Ueff(r) in the transition energy region, sensitively depends on the input nuclear ground state densities and are not solely the relativistic characteristic signatures. We also found that the wine-bottle-bottom shaped Re Ueff (r) is preferred by the spin observables in the transition energy region (i.e. 181 MeV to 200 MeV)

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