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    • The non-linear dynamics of vortices subjected to correlated and random pinning disorders in a quasi-2D superconductor

      Leena K Sahoo R C Budhani D Kanjilal G K Mehta

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      Understanding the dynamics of vortex matter subjected to random and correlated pinning disorders in layered superconductors remains a topic of considerable interest. The dynamical behavior of vortices in these systems shows a rich variety of effects due to many competing interactions. Here, we study the ac response of as-grown as well as heavy-ion-irradiated Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 (Tl-2212) thin films by using a micro Hall-probe susceptometer. We find that the dynamics of vortices in the high-temperature, low-field regime of the H-T phase diagram investigated here depends on the nature of pinning defects. While the decay of screening currents J(t) indicates a glassy behavior in both types of samples, the nature of the glassy phase is different in the two cases. Samples with columnar defects show distinct signature of a Bose glass in the measurement of J(t) and the angular dependence of the irreversibility field (B irr).

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