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    • Model of confinement

      S Biswas S Kumar L Das

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      Confinement model for quarks and gluons is formulated. An attempt has been made to derive the dielectric function starting from a Lagrangian that also determines the quark and gluon field equations. Deconfinement mechanism is also discussed.

    • Geometric interpretation of hadronization model

      S Biswas L Das

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      A hadronization model termed as geometric dielectric confinement model is described. The model describes the charmed meson decays quite successfully. In the model we assume that the non-abelian gauge field describing the colour force simulates the effect of a medium having space-dependent dielectric constant. The quarks produced in weak decays move in the dielectric medium such that they are free in limited region of space (r⋍0) and cannot appear as asymptotic states resulting in hadronization. It is found that the dielectric medium resembles anti-desitter microuniverse and the quarks behave essentially as free particles damped by gaussian distribution. The model reproduces from a single Lagrangian the quark motion as well as the form of dielectric function.

    • Regge relation and geometrization of fundamental constant

      S Biswas L Das

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      We show that the Regge relation between angular momentum and mass is due to curved space time description of basic interactions. We try to understand the geometrization ofh ande in the light of the relation.

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