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    • (e, 3e) Differential cross section of He (21S) and He (23S)

      Kshamata Muktavat MK Srivastava

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      The angular distribution of the five-fold differential cross section for the electron impact double ionization of He (21S) and He (23S) has been studied. The kinematical conditions for maxima/minima in the angular distribution for the two cases have been compared. The two-step process for the double ionization is found to contribute very little in the triplet case.

    • (e, 3e) test on e-e correlations in helium

      MK Srivastava Kshamata Muktavat

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      The angular variations of the five-fold differential cross section obtained by using different wave functions of helium are compared with experimental data. It is found that in the coplanar geometry two kinematical arrangements, (i) equal energy sharing between the two ejected electrons with one of them ejected along the momentum transfer direction and the other along varying direction and (ii) the Bethe ridge condition with fixed sum of ejected electron energies and varying angle between them, are very sensitive to e-e correlations contained in the target wave function. This comparison has been used to show that open-shell class of wave functions better incorporate e-e correlations than the closed-shell class.

    • Electron impact excitation of theD states of Mg, Ca and Sr atoms: Complete experiment results

      Sachin Saxena Kshamata Muktavat Rajesh Srivastava

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      We have used non-relativistic and relativistic distorted wave approximation methods to study the excitation of then1D states of magnesium (n = 3), calcium (n = 4) and strontium (n = 5) from the ground n1S state. Calculations have been performed for the complete set of parameters (σ,$$\tilde L_ \bot ^ + ,\tilde L_ \bot ^ - ,\tilde \gamma ^ + ,\tilde \gamma ^ - $$). The results are presented for electron impact energies of 20 and 40 eV. We compare our results obtained from both the non-relativistic and relativistic methods with each other. Good agreement is found on comparison and the importance of relativistic effects is also explored.

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