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    • Deuteron size effects on its elastic scattering from1H and4He

      Kiran Kumar A K Jain

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      The effect of change in deuteron size on its elastic scattering from protons and alphas is investigated by varying the Hulthen parameters of the deuteron wave function in the scattering process. The cross sections forp-d scattering, calculated in the Born approximation, are found to increase substantially at backward angles even when the deuteron size is reduced by a small amount, whereas the shape of the angular distribution does not change significantly. For theα-d elastic scattering, interaction potential is obtained by folding the deuteron wave function and the optical potential for nucleon-scattering. The cross sections calculated atEd = 13·7 MeV, shows that the first minimum around Θcm = 60° is deepend as the deuteron size is reduced, while at 52 MeV bombarding energy, the size effects are not very distinct. These observations are useful in the interpretation of deuteron cluster knockout reactions.

    • Mass asymmetry dependence of fusion time-scales in11B+237Np and12C,16O,19F+232Th reactions in a dynamical trajectory model

      Kiran Kumar R K Choudhury A Saxena

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      Dynamical trajectory calculations were carried out for the reactions of11B+237Np and12C,16O and19F+232Th, having mass asymmetries on either side of the Businaro-Gallone critical mass asymmetry αBG, in order to examine the mass asymmetry dependence of fusion reactions in these systems. The compound nucleus formation times were calculated as a function of the partial wave of the reaction for all the systems. This study brings out that for systems with α<αBG, the formation times are significantly larger than for α>αBG, which is caused by the dynamical effects involved in the large scale shape changes taking place in the fusion process as well as due to the interplay between the thermal and the collective motion during the collision process. The calculated time scales are comparable to the experimental values derived from the pre-fission neutron multiplicity measurements.

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