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    • Differential incoherent scattering of 279.2 keV photons by Zr, Sn, Ta, Pb and U

      G K Raju K Venkataramaniah M S Prasad K Narasimhamurty V A Narasimhamurty

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      Differential incoherent scattering cross-section ratios of 279.2 keV photons by zirconium, tin, tantalum, lead and uranium elements are experimentally determined by comparing the peak areas under the degraded photon energy with that of an equivalent aluminium foil employing a high resolution 35 c.c. coaxial Ge(Li) detector. Studies have been made in single configuration in an angular range of 20° to 115°. The results are compared with theoretical values obtained from the non-relativistichfs model of Hubbell and co-workers. The cross-section ratios decrease as the atomic number increases for a given scattering angle.

    • Beta decay of 125Sb and level structures in 125Te

      M Sainath K Venkataramaniah P C Sood

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      The decay of 2.76y 125Sb to levels of 125Te has been studied using an HPGe detector for gamma-ray and a mini orange electron spectrometer for conversion electron measurements. We identify 38 transitions in this decay, including 13 gamma rays and 4 conversion electron lines being reported for the first time. New results also include E1 multipolarity assignments to 3 newly observed transitions and M-shell conversion coefficient for the 109 keV M4 transition. A revised 125Te level scheme is constructed using Ritz combination principle. While confirming the existence of 10 well established levels below 700 keV excitation, we introduce 3 other levels at 402.0, 538.6 and 652.9 keV. Interpretation of the observed levels in terms of various theoretical approaches is briefly discussed. The newly introduced 538.6 keV (1/2+) and 652.9 keV (3/2+) levels are seen as the two missing members of the (s1/2 ⊗ 2+) and (d3/2 ⊗ 2+) sextuplet in the quasiparticle-phonon coupling scheme.

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