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    • Energy dependence of photon-inducedL shell x-ray intensity ratios in Ta and W

      K Shatendra K L Allawadhi B S Sood

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      TheL shell x-ray intensity ratios have been measured for the elements Ta and W by photoionization ofL shell electrons in the photon energy region 14⩽E⩽44 keV. The experimental results are compared with those calculated at the photon energies used in the present measurements. The measured values show fairly good agreement with the calculated values within the experimental uncertainties.

    • Experimental investigation of angular dependence of photon induced L-shell X-ray emission intensity

      K S Kahlon K Shatendra K L Allawadhi B S Sood

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      The angular dependence of emission intensity of L shell X-rays induced by 59.57 keV photons in Pb and U is investigated by measuring the normalized intensities of the resolved L X-ray peaks at different angles varying from 40° to 120°. It is observed that while Ll and Lα X-ray peaks (originating fromJ = 3/2 state) show some anisotropic angular distribution, the emission of Lβ and Lγ X-ray peaks is isotropic. The present results contradict the calculations of Co-oper and Zare (1969) that after photoionization of inner shell, the vacancy state has equal population of magnetic substates and the subsequent X-ray emission is isotropic but confirm the predictions of Fluggeet al (1972) that the atomic inner shell vacancies produced after photoionization are aligned and the x-ray emission from the filling of vacancies in state withJ ⩾ 3/2 is anisotropic.

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