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    • Crystal structure of ethyl pyruvate-2-methyl-4-chloro-phenyl hydrazone

      K Ravindra Acharya D S Sake Gowda

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      Ethyl pyruvate-2-methyl-4-chloro-phenylhydrazone, C12H15N2O2Cl, is an important intermediate for the synthesis of ethyl-5-chloro-7-methyl indole-2-carboxy-late. Crystals are orthorhombic witha=6.99(4),b=23.75(6),c=17.05(6) Å and eight molecules per cell in the space group Cmca. The structure was solved by direct methods using film data and refined by block diagonal least squares method to anR-index of 0.052. The molecule occupies the space group mirror(m) special position. The stacking of the molecules is stabilized by van der Waal’s contacts.

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