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    • Impurity pair modes in a diatomic linear chain: nearest neighbour pair

      S N Behera K Patnaik

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      The behaviour of the impurity modes due to a pair of substitutional impurities characterized by both mass as well as force-constant changes and occupying nearest neighbour positions in a diatomic linear chain, is studied. The results are compared with those for the case of impurity pairs occupying next nearest neighbour sites discussed earlier as well as the existing three dimensional calculations of Elliott and Pfeuty. The nearest neighbour impurity pair gap and local modes can be interpreted in terms of two single impurities substituted in the two different sublattices unlike the next nearest neighbour pair modes. The inband resonant modes are totally new features characteristic of the pair. Finally, the predictions of the theory are compared with the available experimental data for Si-impurity-pair-complexes and qualitative agreement is shown.

    • A new criterion for the mixed crystal behaviour in the diatomic linear chain model

      S N Behera P Nayak K Patnaik

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      Lucovsky, Brodsky, Burstein (LBB) have studied the behaviour of mixed crystals by setting up a criterion for the existence of local mode frequencies in real crystals starting from a diatomic linear chain model. This, while successfully predicting the one and two mode behaviour for some systems fails to predict the mixed mode behaviour. We propose a similar criterion for the existence of gap modes, by demanding that the gap mode predicted by the diatomic linear chain model should lie within the gap of the real three dimensional solid for its existence. It is shown that the gap modes for various systems calculated using this criterion are in reasonable agreement with the experimental values. The infrared behaviour of mixed crystals has to be determined by examining the existence of local as well as gap modes for the two end members of the system. This generalized new criterion successfully predicts the mixed mode behaviour of III–V mixed crystals besides predicting the one and two mode behaviour, observed in infrared absorption of mixed alkali halioes and III-V compounds.

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