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    • Computer simulation of proton channelling in beryllium

      K Rajasekharan K Neelakandan

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      The channelling of protons through a thin beryllium crystal is simulated in a computer. The angular dependence of the momentum density is computed using particle trajectory approximation and is reported as the transmission spectra. In obtaining the spectra, the energy loss suffered by protons due to electron multiple scattering is considered and the effect of thermal vibrations treated separately. The spectra obtained are characteristic of the hcp structure of Be. Positions of the major dips in the transmission spectra are found to correlate well with the directions of neighbouring strings. Variations in the angle of incidence of the beam and in its initial azimuthal angle bring about modifications in the spectra depending on the transverse kinetic energy of the incident particles and the crystalline structure of Be. Thermal vibration of the lattice does not modify the spectra appreciably.

    • Computer simulation of proton channelling in silicon

      NK Deepak K Rajasekharan K Neelakandan

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      The channelling of 3 MeV protons in the 〈110〉 direction of silicon has been simulated using Vineyard model taking into account thermally vibrating nuclei and energy loss due to ion-electron interactions. A beam made up of constant energy particles but with spatial divergence has been simulated for the purpose. The values of the minimum scattering yield and half width of the channelling dip are shown to be depth sensitive and agree well with the measured values. The dependence of yield on the angle of incidence has been found to give information of all three types of channelling. The critical angles for the three types of channelling and wavelength of planar oscillations are consistent with the previous calculations.

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