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    • Quantum mechanical calculation of Suryan’s line broadening in nuclear magnetic resonance

      K N Shrivastava

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      The first quantum theory of the classical radiation damping in nuclear magnetic resonance is presented. Relaxation times and life times arising from the interaction of nuclear spin with the radio-frequency radiation field are calculated. Second-order line shifts are predicted and the existence ofIz andIz2-type operators due to photons is pointed out. The predicted line shifts as well as relaxation are found to be measurably large. Numerical estimates are given for protons in water.

    • Bose-Einstein condensation in spin-polarized atomic hydrogen: A new superfluid

      K N Shrivastava

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      We find that in the spin-polarized hydrogen, Bose condensation occurs for certain quantized values of the magnetic field. Once the field is fixed, sweeping of the radio-frequency results in nuclear magnetic resonance so that condensation and NMR occur simultaneously. We have found that nuclear self-induced transparency occurs. A new excitation designated by the present author as superboojum, which is a discontinuity in the hydrodynamic equations in spin-polarized hydrogen having finite nuclear as well as electronic spin is discovered.

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