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    • Anomalous conversion in the decay of197mHg

      S Bhuloka Reddy D Sudhakara Reddy K L Narasimham B V Thirumala Rao V Lakshminarayana

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      The total andK-shell conversion coefficients of the 165 keV transition in the decay of197mHg are determined from intensity balance considerations and a coincidence technique using a Ge(Li)—NaI (Tl) system respectively. The resultant values areaT=274.8±19.2 andaK=47±12, whil the corresponding theoretical values are 344 and 77 respectively, indicating anomalous conversion. The gamma ray transition probability however, shows a hindrance of only about 6 and cannot be correlated with the present anomalous conversion data. TheK/L ratio of the 130 keV transition, determined using a summing method with a Ge(Li) detector, yielded 0.090±0.012, while the corresponding theoretical value is 0.048, indicating anomalous conversion. The corresponding gamma transition probability shows a hindrance of about 3000, in correlation with anomalous conversion.

    • Incoherent scattering functions of 145 keV gamma rays by K-shell electrons in Y, Ag and Au

      A Raghava Rao SS Ramana Reddy K Premchand K L Narasimham K Parthasaradhi V Lakshminarayana

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      The values of incoherent scattering functions are determined experimentally for 145 keV gamma rays in elements Au, Ag and Y at scattering angles 40°, 70° and 100°, using a x-ray gamma coincidence technique. The corresponding theoretical values are obtained from the tabulations of Hubbellet al, and computed from the models of Jauch and Rohrlich and Shimizuet al. A comparison between the theoretical and experimental results showed that the non-relativistic approach adopted in the theory of Shimizuet al is inapplicable to the present cases. A gross agreement is noticed between the present experimental results and the other theoretical values.

    • Photoelectric cross-sections of light elements and compounds at low photon energies

      K S R Sarma K L Narasimham K Premchand S Bhuloka Reddy K Parthasaradhi V Lakshminarayana

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      Total photon mass attenuation coefficients in C, Al, S, Ti, B2O3, LiF, ZnO, Y2O3 and H8O2C5 (perspex) are measured on a good geometry set-up using proportional counter, Si(Li) and Ge(Li) detecting systems in the energy region from 6.47 to 52.014 keV employing x-rays and gamma rays from radioactive sources. The deduced photoelectric cross-sections are found to agree with the theoretical values of Storm and Israel, Scofield and semiexperimental values of Veigele wherever available within a few percent. The photo-electric cross-sections in elements, S, Ti and Y at their respectiveK-edges obtained by extrapolation technique agree with the theoretical values of Storm and Israel and Scofield at the respectiveK-edges except in S. In the case of S both the theoretical values atK-edges are found to be underestimations, more in the case of Scofield evaluations.

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